“EEG results revealed that the ENZO group showed reduced mental fatigue…..”

In a study of the oral supplement Enzogenol (ENZO), researchers examined subjects in the chronic phase of injury, or months after diagnosis, to study neuropsychological and biological functions of the brain after concussion. Forty-two student-athletes with histories of sport-related concussions were enrolled, comparing ENZO to a placebo.

Enzogenol is a natural extract from the bark of New Zealand grown pine trees produced by ENZO Nutraceuticals using a specialized water-only extraction method. The active compounds in Enzogenol are flavonoids and other plant polyphenols with antioxidant and natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Subjects took the supplement for six weeks and were tested before and after supplementation using virtual reality and electroencephalography (EEG), with neuropsychological tasks primarily used to induce cognitive challenges.

EEG results revealed that the ENZO group showed reduced mental fatigue, suggesting that ENZO has the potential to improve brain functioning in the chronic phase of concussion, or three to six months post injury.